4.5 micron Polyester Film

4.5 micron Polyester Film 4.5 um BOPET Film   BoPET is a polyester film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is used for its high tensile strength,Chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties, and electrical insulation. Now we can manufacturer thickness of 4.5 micron polyester film 4.5 micron Polyester Film can … Read more

High Barrier Film Packaging Market

High barrier film packaging provides protection to sensitive material from damage stimulus such as moisture, oxygen, and dust, which can degrade quality of products. This form of high barrier film packaging are suitable substitutes for food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging, to keep food and pharma products protected, and extend shelf life. High barrier films in … Read more

high clear mylar film

Clear Mylar Film We use Mylar for coming up with stencils to base paint our accessories previous. 14Mil thickness, they will be used for stencils for airbrushing, painting, brush painting, tattooing, etc. Draw your style & cut them out. One Sheet of clear Mylar (uncutted) – cut the required size by yourself.Size of the sheet: … Read more

high barrier film market

High Barrier Film application Market Analysis Driven by the strong market demand for food, medicine, electronic devices and photovoltaic cells.High barrier packaging film materials in China are developing rapidly and continuously. High Barrier Film application Market has higher requirements for film materials. It require the use of multi-functional film materials such as high barrier, freshness, heat resistance … Read more

high barrier material types

“High barrier” is undoubtedly a very ideal property, which is one of the required properties of many polymer packaging materials. In technical terms, high barrier means very low permeability to low molecular weight chemicals such as gases and organic compounds. High barrier packaging materials can effectively maintain the original performance of the product, extend the … Read more

high barrier films manufacturer

High Barrier Film manufacturer With multiple lines capable of constructing barrier films with up to nine layers, Dehui Film is recognized because the leading freelance high barrier film manufacturer in China. Our films shield product and stop or minimize the migration of chemical element, liquids, oils, fats for increased time period. At Dehui Film manufacturing plant, … Read more

Thin and Thick White Polyester Film

Thin and Thick White Polyester Film Thin and Thick Milky White Polyester Film is a flexible, Milky white color or translucent material produced from PET polymer, a linear, thermoplastic polyester resin.It is a high-performance plastic film and is generally more expensive than other plastic films with several unique properties that are required for various end-uses. PET film is available commercially in … Read more

transparent high barrier film

The Transparent High Barrier Film The Transparent High Barrier Film is a good substitute for traditional transparent barrier films like AlOx / SiOx /PVDC Coated and EVOH coextruded films, in terms of its value proposition for flexible packaging. So it quality grade is very high,also the price is more expensive than normally.But the commercial value … Read more

anti-static PET film roll PET protective film

Anti-static PET film roll PET protective film Film Features: 1.Perfect adhesive performance. Silicone or acrylic adhesive, perfect adhesion, holding power, peeling, tear strength, long lasting protection. 2.Suitable hardness. Special hardness processing, rub and scratch resistance, effectively prevent screen from scratching. 3.Bubble free good adsorption No blistering, high quality adhesive lamination, well automatic adsorption for protective … Read more

PET film vs PVC film different

PVC film   PVC plastic or polyvinyl chloride, is a rigid plastic designed to withstand harsh impacts and extreme temperatures. The material is most commonly used when creating cables, roofing materials, commercial signage, flooring, faux leather clothing, pipes, hoses and more. PVC plastic is created through suspension polymerization to produce a hard, rigid structure. PET film … Read more