EVOH Film Applications on Food Packaging is very wide. Let’s talk about it on food packing today!

EVOH has always been the most widely used high-barrier material. Besides the non-stretch type, the film types of this material include two-way stretch type, aluminum vapor deposition type, adhesive coating type, etc.

The two-way stretch type also has a heat-resistant type for aseptic packaging products.

The barrier performance of EVOH depends on the ethylene content. Generally speaking, when the ethylene content increases, the gas barrier properties decrease. But it is easy to process.

The salient feature of EVOH has excellent gas barrier properties and excellent processability.
Also, it has excellent characters in transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, stretchability, abrasion resistance, cold resistance, and surface strength.

In the packaging, EVOH is made into a composite film intermediate barrier layer. It is used in all rigid and flexible packaging.

In the food industry, it is used for aseptic packaging, hot cans and retort pouches, packaging dairy products, meat, canned juices and condiments.

In terms of non-food, it is used for packaging solvents, chemicals, air-conditioning structural parts, gasoline drum linings, electronic components, etc.

In food packaging, EVOH plastic containers can completely replace glass and metal containers.
Many domestic aquatic products companies use PE/EVOH/PA/RVOH/PE five-layer co-extruded film vacuum packaging for seafood exports.

EVOH Film Application on Food Packaging

EVOH film is used in the food industry aseptic packaging, hot and steamed bags, packaged dairy products, meat, canned and condiments.

EVOH plastic film can basically replace glass and metal containers. Many domestic aquatic products export seafood on the use of PE / EVOH / PA co-extruded film vacuum packaging.

EVOH high barrier film used in tomato products. It can solve the tomato sauce products, the problem of high oxygen permeability, shelf life extended to 18-24 months.

EVOH used in fermented kimchi packaging. 

packaging materials, transparency, gloss and other packaging effect is better. The hardness of the kimchi and color preservation of the results are more than the advantages of other ordinary packaging materials.

EVOH High Barrier Film Application in the liquid milk packaging market.

It is bound to replace the vast majority of PE black and white milk film. Because consumers of liquid milk products shelf life, taste and nutrition and other needs to enhance.

EVOH multi-layer co-extruded milk packaging applications wider and wider. The packaging film can be an excellent way to maintain the taste and nutrition of pure liquid milk. Billy Le pill packaging cost is cheaper. In the future gradually replaces the other flexible packaging materials.

EVOH film has been applied to the packaging of fruit soft cans.

Packaging in aesthetically pleasing, transparent, consumers directly see the contents. And the flexible packaging form, greatly enhancing the product market competitiveness.

The yellow tea cans are packaged in EVOH coextruded bags.

The initial temperature of the flesh is controlled at 60-65 degrees Celsius. The sugar temperature is above 80 degrees Celsius. And the sealing strength is 0.025Mpa-0.08Mpa.

EVOH film for meat products

are flat bag packaging, stretch packaging, shrink packaging and MAP packaging atmosphere packaging.

Flat bag packaging is the original film sealed by the three sides of the bag. The contents of the charge into the nitrogen or vacuum after sealing. This package is generally used EVOH and polyolefin multi-layer co-extruded film, a good oxygen , Water blocking and fragrant function.

Stretch packaging is divided into cover film and base film, cover film EVOH and polyolefin multi-layer co-extruded film, without stretching. The base film is mostly EVOH, nylon and polyolefin casting co-extruded high barrier film, into the packaging and then vacuum, and then stretch molding, packaging close to the contents of the consumer can visually see the contents.

Shrink packaging for the use of fresh meat, the use of EVOH and polyolefin and nylon co-extruded into a multi-layer barrier film.   90% of the cold meat in developed countries using barrier packaging to extend the packaging freshness, color and taste.

MAP packaging consists of multi-layer barrier tray and high barrier film composition.it is filled with gas nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen or other mixed gas, slow food oxidation, inhibition of microbial and fungal reproduction, to maintain myoglobin bright red color. The effect is better, mainly for fresh meat and processed meat products.

PE / PA / EVOH / PA / PE co-extruded film packaging sausage preservation of the best. EVOH film superior performance than glass bottles, tin cans and general plastic composite bottle packaging materials.

Glass packaging is fragile, transport risk, gross weight, should be affected by light and air color and composition changes. Tinplate packaging costs are too high, easy to transport deformation, the appearance of opaque, poor visibility, affecting the packaging beautiful. General plastic composite packaging of the poor sealing, high oxygen permeability, susceptible to oxygen,toxic and harmful products, but also easy to leak.

EVOH high barrier film low cost, visibility and sealing strong, easy to transport, to ensure food quality and safety.

In order to meet the new packaging regulations and new standards, to break the green trade barriers, consolidate and expand the export market, China’s food processing enterprises must update the packaging concept, strengthen environmental awareness, vigorously develop green packaging. EVOH high barrier multi-layer co-extruded cast film material is non-toxic, non-polluting, low energy consumption, low cost, easy to handle, recyclable. So it will be in the market to be more widely used.