Most films we taled is a flexible film. They are used in packing and printing. There is a flexible film, there is rigid film. Or called rigid sheet.Rigid PET Film is also a kind of pet film. The rigid pet film production method is coextruded film.It is also called APET film.

PET Rigid film has a high glossy and transparency,Good thermoforming and printing performance,which Can be widely used in including vacuum forming, food packaging, folding  boxes,  etc 

Products Details:

  • 1.Thickness 0.10-0.8mm(100-800microns)
  • 2.Width Max:800mm
  • 3.Hardness: Rigid
  • 4.Color: clear/transparent and colored.
  • 5.Core Tube: 3”
  • 6.Package:by sheet or roll

Features :

  • 1.Excellent transparency ,
  • 2.chemical and oil Resistance ,
  • 3.gas and water resistance ,
  • 4.high impact resistance ,
  • 5.non toxic and odorless .


  • 1.For blister packing ,
  • 2.Folding box,
  • 3.Offset printing,
  • 4.Vacuum forming,
  • 5.Food tray packing,
  • 6.Cup lids
  • 7.Metallizing .

In them, the thermoforming box or bliseter box is the most applications.As rigid PET blister box,it has below freatures:

  1. The PET blister box has good mechanical properties. The impact strength is 3-5 times that of other films, and the folding resistance is good;
  2. PET blister box is resistant to oil, fat, dilute acid and alkali, and most solvents;
  3. The PET blister box has excellent high and low temperature resistance. It can be used for a long time in the temperature range of 120℃. Can withstand 150℃ high temperature and -70℃ low temperature in short-term use;
  4. The gas and water vapor permeability of the PET blister box is low. Has excellent barrier properties of gas, water, oil and peculiar smell;
  5. PET blister box has high transparency. It can block ultraviolet rays and has good gloss;
  6. The PET blister box is non-toxic, tasteless, and has good hygiene and safety performance. It can be directly used for food packaging.

The basic Production technology of Blister products

 Production process flow chart of Blister products  :

Sheet raw materials—blister forming— semi-finished product inspection— packaging and punching— finished product inspection — warehousing

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