Black Polyester Film

Black Polyester Film, Black PET Film for sale

  • Thickness: 25mic – 300mic
  • MOQ: 1000kgs
  • Surface: Glossy and Matt


Black Polyester Film is made from a special color masterbatch. (Chip dyed BOPET film). It has high black coverage, high mechanical property, and heat stability. It is widely used for insulation tape, insulation application,light-shielding or shade tape

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Recommended thickness: 50 um, 75 um 100 um, 125 um, 150 um, 175 um, 188 um and 250 um, 300um.

Standard width: 1000mm/1010mm/1020mm.

2 Main Types

  • Glossy Black Polyester Film
  • Matt Black Polyester Film


  • High coverage of black
  • Good flatness, permanent black color, smooth, bright surface
  • Dimension stability, High mechanical property, and heat resistance
  • A black film with low light transmittance
  • Uniform corona
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties.
  • Good tensile strength
  • Aging resistance


ItemUnitIndexTest condition
Thickness Range25 mic to 300mic
Thickness tolerance%≤3GB/T6682-2001
Transmittance%≤2GB/T 2410-2008
Tensile strength MDMpa≥170GB/T 1040.3
Tensile strength–TDMpa≥170GB/T 1040.3
Elongation at–MD%≥90GB/T 1040.3
Break–TD%≥90GB/T 1040.3
Heat shrinkage (150℃30min)–MD%≤1.4GB/T 16958-2008
Heat shrinkage (150℃30min)–TD%≤0.2GB/T 16958-2008
Haze%≥98GB/T 2410-2008
Gloss%≥100GB/T 2410-2008
Surface tensionDyn/cm≥52GB/T 14216-2008


  • electronic equipment
  • Shading piece, electrical insulation,
  • Adhesive tapes
  • R type transformer Outsourcing,
  • Building components
  • Furniture surfaces
  • Sound film diaphragm manufacturing,
  • Shading screen


Glossy PET Film and Matt PET Film

50 mic,75mic 100 mic 125 mic, 250 mic

Yes, it can be A4 size