A high barrier film is a flexible film that prevents water, oxygen, light, and other elements from entering or leaving the product packaging. Dehui High barrier films are made with special formula and a multi-layer co-extrusion casting process. The shelf life of fresh products can reach 7-35 days under constant temperature storage at 0-4 degrees.

High barrier films are used in various flexible packaging applications. Such as bags and blister packaging. It can be widely used in fresh meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, foods, beverages, medicines, and other products. It can extend the shelf life, reduce the need for preservatives, provide transparency and gloss!

High Barrier Films

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Barrier Film Types

Film TypesThicknessTypical StructureApplications
Excellent barrier film100、120、150、180、210PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PEThermoforming, bottom film, sterilization below 85℃/30 minutes
Excellent barrier film80、100、120、150、180PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PEThermoforming, top, bottom film; below 85℃/30 minutes sterilization
Excellent barrier film80、100、120、150、180、210PA/EVOH/PPThermoforming, top, bottom film; below 110℃/30 minutes sterilization
Excellent barrier film80PA/EVOH/PPThermoforming, top, bottom film; below 85℃/30 minutes sterilization
Excellent barrier film90、130PA/EVOH/PA/PPThermoforming, top, bottom film; below 120℃/30 minutes sterilization
Excellent barrier film100PA/EVOH/PA/EVAEasy to tear, top film,Below 85℃/30 minutes sterilization
Excellent barrier film65PA/EVOH/PA/PEFresh meat packaging, low temperature hot sticking
High barrier film55、76PE/EVOH/PEJelly, medical packaging
High barrier film180、300PP/EVOH/PPShallow tray packaging
General barrier film80、100PA/PEVacuum frozen packaging
General barrier film90PA/PPRetort packaging