Aluminized Mylar Film, Metallized Mylar Film for sale

  • Thickness: 12 micron-200 micron
  • Color: Silver
  • Surface: Aluminum


Aluminized Mylar Film is metalized PET film. It Is metalizing of PET film under vacuum conditions. It achieves special optical properties and reduces the diffusion of gases and flavors through the film. The most commonly used metal is aluminum but other metals can be applied also.

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Aluminized Mylar Properties


  • Metalized PET film for Cardboard and Insulation Solution
  • Width: 50mm – 2540mm
  • Standard Width: 1020mm, 1050mm
  • Length: 3,000m – 50,000m
  • Application: used for cardboard lamination or PE coating for insulation material.
  • Optical Density (OD): 0.2 – 3.5

Due to its high surface energy, a high metal adhesion, as well as good homogeneity of the metal layer, is achieved, leading to high oxygen and general gas barrier as well as a significant improvement of the water vapor barrier.