Yellow PET Film,Yellow Polyester Film

Glossy Yellow Polyester Film, Yellow PET Film for sale

  • Thickness: 25 micron-125 micron
  • Applications: Insulation tapes
  • MOQ: 1 Ton


Yellow PET Film or Yellow Polyester Film color is made from special color masterbatch. (Chip dyed bopet film). It can provide an excellent surface for industrial application. So its main application is for insulation tapes, release film liner.

Dehui film is a yellow PET film manufacturer and supplier. The typical thickness is 25 micron,50 micron, 75 micron, 100 micron,125 micron yellow Bopet film.At the same time, we can also provide other colors of PET color film.


  • High tensile strength
  • Good dimension stability
  • Good flatness
  • Excellent electric properties
  • Aging resistance


Thickness um50-125GB6845
Tensile strengthMDMPa200ASTM D882
Tensile strengthTDMPa200ASTM D882
Yield stress(F-5)MDMPa110ASTM D882
Elongation at breakMD120ASTM D882
Elongation at breakTD120ASTM D882
 Heat shrinkage 150,30minMD1.2GB/T13541
Heat shrinkage 150,30minTD0.5GB/T13541
Light Transmission 60BG2410
Haze 10ASTM D2457


Yellow PET film is widely used for yellow polyester insulation tape, release film liner.

Other Color available

 Other Colors available: blue pet film,red pet film , pink pet film,black pet film, white pet film, Milky white pet film.