With the development of PET film technology, colored PET films can be seen in many places. PET color film is currently used in many fields. Our common PET color film has single-sided color film and double-sided color film.

The decorative effect of the color film is very good, which can improve the grade and beauty of the product. Therefore it is often applied to the packaging industry.

PET Color Film Process

When making PET color film, the raw materials used are no different from ordinary PET film. Because to present different colors, PET color film needs to go through a special process to complete.

It is made of PET film as raw material, which is painted, dried and cured by a coating machine. There are two production processes for PET color film: inner coating and surface coating.

The inner coating is to paint on the film first, and then coat the color layer with aluminum to protect the color layer in the middle, so that the surface will not fade. Color filters made in this way can achieve different degrees of refraction and achieve better use effects.

PET color film should avoid excessive stretching and tearing during use and processing. Because the film is not very thick, if the force is too strong, the film will have different degrees of quality problems. It will also affect the actual application effect of the membrane.

PET color film is used in the printing industry, and can achieve better decorative effect by printing different patterns. But the problem that needs attention is to control the temperature when printing. Films can also be affected if the temperature is too high during processing.

PET Color Film Characteristics and Applications

Like PET film, PET color film has high mechanical properties, heat resistance, chemical resistance and excellent barrier properties.

The dimensional stability and excellent shrinkage resistance of PET color film make it an ideal application for labels.

Similarly, PET color film is also used in many fields:

  • PET release film, die cutting, barcode labels.
  • Windows, furniture decoration film.
  • Barrier materials, waterproof materials, decorative materials, laser holography, laser embossing, etc.
  • Pictorial, posters, tote bags, flexible packaging, etc.
  • Industrial tape, insulating tape, electrical insulation, electrical insulation, wire mesh protection.

Our PET Color Film Products

ProductsBlack PET Film, Blue PET Film, Pink PET Film, Yellow PET Film, Red PET Film
Thickness12 microns – 1150 microns
PET Color Film Products

We also have color filters in brown, purple, rose red, green and other colors. We can also produce PET color film with different sizes, colors, coatings and hardness according to customer needs.

PET Color Film Manufacturer in China

DeHui is an experienced PET color film manufacturer in China, with more than 10 years of experience in producing color PET film, and has complete processing machines and complete processing lines.

We can customize color filters according to your needs. If you have demand, welcome to inquire.