silicone coated pet release film

PET release film is also called silicone coated PET release film. It is to reduce the adhesion of the surface by coating a layer of silicone oil on the surface of the film to achieve the effect of release. Release films are usually used for isolation, filling, and protection.

The following introduces the PET release film from various aspects.

PET Release Film and PET Film

The PET release film is to add some release agent to the PET film, which can achieve the effect of attaching to the surface of the object. Therefore, we can distinguish between ordinary PET film and PET release film by whether the surface of the film is sticky or not. Ordinary PET film will not feel sticky when touching the surface of the film by hand.

PET release film VS PET Protective Film

The Difference Between PET Protective Film and PET Release Film Material:

PET protective film is to apply different adhesives on the PET material: high viscosity, medium viscosity, low viscosity. Has adhesive protection. The PET protective film is generally thicker and has an anti-scratch effect.

The function of PET release film is to isolate, and it is coated with release agent on the PET material, which has an anti-stick effect. PET release film is generally thin and is a protective layer.

The Uses of PET Protective Film and PET Release Film Are Different:

PET protective film is used for initial and ex-factory protection of product surface.

PET release film is used for the protection of raw materials and is a one-time consumable.

PET Release Film Classification

PET release film

Classification According to Folor:

Red release film, yellow release film, green release film, milky white release film, matt release film, pearl release film, black release film, transparent release film, translucent release film.

Classification According to Felease Force:

Light release type release film, medium release type release film, heavy release type release film.

Classification According to Ftructure:

Adhesive release film, composite release film, laser film, non-adhesive release film

Classification According to Function:

Isolation release film, protective release film, waterproof release film, light diffusion release film, printing release film, tape release film.

Classification According to Industry Sector:

Mechanical product packaging release film, hot melt adhesive packaging release film, foam tape release film, sanitary care products (diapers) release film, adhesive protective release film, filled release film.

Classification According to Surface Treatment:

Single-sided release film, double-sided release film.

Fluoroplastic release film, silicone-free release film.

Single-sided corona release film, double-sided corona release film, and no corona release film.

Double-sided frosted release film, single-sided frosted release film.

Double-sided polished release film, single-sided polished release film.

PET Silicone Oil Release Film VS PET Silicone-Free Release Film

In the market, we can see the release film with silicon and the release film without silicon. So what’s the difference between them?

PET silicone oil release film is coated with silicon release agent on the surface of the film, which makes it show extremely light and stable release force to organic pressure-sensitive adhesives. The silicon-free release film is coated with a silicon-free release agent on the surface.

Because PET silicon-free release film does not contain silicon, it is pollution-free and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is often used in products that require environmental protection.

PET Release Film Features

PET release film has high transparency, non-toxic and tasteless, high mechanical strength, high tensile strength, and is not easy to break.

Excellent electrical and optical properties, good oxygen and moisture resistance, cold resistance (-70 degrees), heat resistance (+200 degrees), and excellent characteristics of corrosion resistance and stable shrinkage.

Offers high resistance to sticking and excellent release properties.

PET Release Film Application

With the development of release film production technology, PET protective films have been used in many industries. For example: waterproof material, plaster paper, packaging, printing, silk screen, circuit board, laser anti-counterfeiting, printing, padding, thin film switch, flexible line, insulating article, fitting, electron, sealing material, reflective material, glue Hard products, die-cutting machining, etc.

How To Choose PET Release Film

Many customers do not know much about the release film, and they will encounter various problems when purchasing.

Different release agents will lead to different properties of PET release films, and the fields and scope of its use are also different. Therefore, we need to choose according to the use scene of the release film, and then refer to its mechanical properties, chemical properties, peeling properties, etc.

In order to meet the production needs of the product, we can also choose according to the scope of use of the release film. For example, the PET release film used for sealing tape, waterproof film, etc. is suitable for single-sided release film; it is used for back glue protection of reflective materials, and is suitable for double-sided release film.

PET Release Film Manufacturers In China

As a PET release film manufacturer in China, we can supply a variety of release films, and we can also provide release films with different specifications according to the needs of each household. If you have demand, welcome to inquire.