Where to buy mylar film?

Mylar film and mylar sheet are very popular. And it can be used in many applications. Many people want to buy it and DIY it. So Where to buy mylar film becomes a problem. And do not know, how to buy it, payment, and delivery.

Today, Let me introduce a China Mylar Supplier from China—Dehui Film.

Mylar film suppliers and wholesalers

Dehui film focus on polyeater film over 20 years. Myalr film is its main advantage products too.

From mylar film types, thickness, colors, and durable ability,our mylar quality is still top range. For common thickness, we have stock for sending immediately. We just need to get your size, then cut it, then pack it. It can be sent to you sooner.

What types of mylar we can supply?

There are many types of mylar for choosing as per your need.

From Shape: Mylar sheet, Mylar film roll. Sometimes, we can provide further processing services.To produce it as per the shapes you want.

From Color: Clear, Milky, translucent, Opaque, or black.

From Thickness: from 0.1mm to 0.35mm is normal.

From Size: The popular size is A4,A3, Because it can be printed directly. For some drawing mylar applications, we cut as you want.such as 12*12″ 12*24″ ,16*32″ and so on.

Surface treatment: We can also provide aluminized mylar film. It is shinning and like a mirror.


Mylar Price

The price will be different as per your thickness, size, surface treatment.

And the quantity has a big effect on price. Because most mylars produce delivery by express. The price change timely each 0.5kgs.

Another price change element is your location. The farther, the more expensive.

But do not worry. Dehui will find the best cheapest delivery and fastest shipping for you, after comparing, then you choose it.



Delivery?Shipping Time?

General Speaking, Since we have enough stock, it can be sent tomorrow after you paid. This pack can be sent by express. Such as DHL. 3-5 days you can receive it. If remote area,7 days or so.

If your size is special, we need to cut it again. That needs 2-3 days. If the order quantity is huge, max, 7 days is enough. Since the quantity is big, so the delivery is by sea is better. That need to book vessle, then customs and so on. So the arrival time needs to calculate as per order.

The above is about the mylar info and how to buy mylar film introduction.If you have any question about it.welcome email us or contact us online. Or WhatsApp: +8618105467890