When we choose a clear sheet material, PETG and acrylic are good choices. Both of them have similar uses and appearances. But PETG vs Acrylic? Which one is better? Which factor effect you make the final decision? Let’s compare them here.

What is PETG?

PETG is a high impact, co-polyester material. It has excellent toughness, chemical resistance and is easy to thermoform.PETG fabricates are used in processes like die cutting, drilling, routing and bending.


PETG also meets FDA standards. It is ECO-friendly.

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is also called Plexiglass. It is a versatile plastic material with a variety of purposes and benefits, available in a spectrum of colors and opacities. The common product is acrylic sheet. Sometimes it is in tube, rod. It is a cost-effective, durable material.

PETG VS Acrylic


When comparing color and clarity,acrylic is the superior choice over PETG.Acrylic has excellent optical clarity features. It is a great substitute for glass-like applications. 

PETG’s clarity has a little blue. In terms of variety, PETG color options are more limited and are generally only available in clear glass or clear matte finishes. Acrylic also offers more color translucent options. Acrylic is available in optically clear to opaque white with a variety of translucent white options in between.


Acrylic is a very dense and hard material. It makes it both durable and strong. But when safety and handling are a concern we recommend using PETG as the substrate. If acrylic is under impact or if a force is applied, it can shatter or crack and those areas can have sharp edges.

PETG’s impact-resistant is also about five times stronger than acrylic. It will not shatter like acrylic. And it is safe for transportation.

Surface Scratches

PETG is softer than acrylic and can be scratched easier. Acrylic can be scratched but is more scratch-resistant than PETG.

Surface Cleaning

PETG can be cleaned in much the same way as acrylic. Alcohol-based cleaners are not advised, cracking will become more evident. When exposed to harsher cleaning chemicals acrylic slowly breaks down and cracks. Cleaning with soap and water is advised for both.


PETG Food grade is possible. PETG is recyclable (as long as it’s not printed on) and biodegrades.

Acrylic is not easy to recycle and if printed on cannot be recycled. Also unless it is in good condition can be hard to re-purpose. The manufacturing process needs to be considered. Most acrylics are suitable, productions processes and items such as glues must be verified.


PETG is considered difficult (but not impossible) to break under normal circumstances. Also remains less brittle for longer than acrylic.

Acrylic while flexible can easily be broken with your hands if significant pressure is applied.


Generally speaking, the PETG cost is slightly more expensive than acrylic materials. About 8-10 % more. But PETG is easier to fabricate and easier to print on

The above is the basic info about PETG VS Acrylic. Hope it is usful for your choosing.

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