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Dehui Film is a professional Milky White Polyester Film Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter. We are founded in 2001. The product range includes clear polyester film rolls and sheets, colored PET films, PETG film rolls and sheets, high barrier films.

All our products are manufactured with high-quality raw materials from trusted suppliers in the market to ensure quality and durability. These products are widely used in various industries. Such as packaging, printing, lamination, electric and electronic, and disposable products.

In annual exported products, white milky white polyester film exported quantity to account for most of the export volume.

White | Milky White Polyester Film


White polyester film and Milky white polyester film are 2 different polyester films. They are made from a special PET masterbatch with titanium dioxide. The most obvious difference is the color.

In the white and milky white color, there is an OPAQUE and TRANSLUCENT difference. Mostly, Milky White Polyester Film has translucent color. White Polyester Film has an opaque color more.

Our color quality is stable.For same thickness film,there is no color difference.


The White | Milky White Polyester Film thinnest thickness we can produce is 12 micron. This thickness needs a MOQ. From 25micron, we have stable stock at our warehouse. We can send goods any time.

The thickest thickness of White | Milky White Polyester Film is 350 micron,i.e. 0.35mm. Its package core is 6″ , max 440m/roll.


The surface treatment has an effect on the printing quality.

For now, we can make 1 side corona treatment for White | Milky White Polyester Film. At the same time, part clients will have MATTE and GLOSSY treatment. It is an appearance request.


About the White | Milky White Polyester Film, we make it in rolls and sheets. Sometimes, we can make die to cut for our customers.


Because of its high dielectric and mechanical properties, flexibility, tear-resistance, durability, dimensional stability, heat resistance, tearing and waterproofing, it is suitable for electrical insulation, such as slot insulation, middle and liner insulation, and package insulation. For coils and cables, as well as the production of insulating laminates.

For colors, White Polyester Film, the most application is for label printing. The Milky White Polyester Film is more for mylar and die to cut.

Qaulity Control

As a milky white polyester film manufacturer,in order to get the best quality milky white films on the website, follow a strict quality policy, these films are made of the highest quality plastics and polymers.

In order to meet the different needs of multiple industries, we provide milky white polyester film in a variety of thicknesses, lengths, widths and specifications.

The milky film provided is widely used to protect the product from dust, moisture and all hazards that may occur during transportation. These are also used for privacy purposes because their milky white appearance completely hides the packaged product.

In addition, from this page, our company can also entertain customers’ large or urgent needs without paying too much extra cost

Buying Guidline

If you want to get the exact White | Milky White Polyester Film price,it is better to follow and provide the request details for white and milky white polyester film Manufacturer.

The colorMilky White/ White
the thickness12-350 micron
the surfacematte or glossy
the usage?
the quantity?

Based on this information, we can calculate the best price for you.

As a professional White | Milky White Polyester Film supplier, they should also ask you the above info when you inquiry them.

If you want to get more detals of White | Milky White Polyester Film,you can check our products pages as below.

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