PET GAG film, GAG Sheet for sale

  • Thickness: 0.2mm to 2mmStrcture:PETG+APET+PETG

  • PET GAG film is also called GAG PET Film.It is made by three layers of co-extrusion process. The three layers are APET and PETG. APET in the middle with PETG outer layers. The film can stand with with frequency heat sealing not being fused or edge tear-out.Meanwhile,its price is cheaper than PETG. GAG / PETG film is considered to be a perfect alternative film for packaging application.

    Dehui Film is a PET GAG film supplier and exporter.


    • High impact strength, FDA certification.
    • Reduce noise transmission
    • Sterilisable
    • Ductile, elongation to breaking similar to that of polycarbonate
    • PET-GAG sheet is Recyclable
    • Excellent chemical resistance

    PETGAG has PETG characteristics on the surface. And PET characteristics on the upper and lower layers, it can replace PETG for cost considerations. Compared with PETG, GAG has an advantage in cost


    PropertiesPET GAG Film
    Density1,31 g/cm3
    Printing (screen print/UV-offset)very good
    Punching / cuttingnormal wear
    – Thermalyes
    – Ultrasonicyes
    – High frequencyyes


    Electronic heating work, high-impact package,Blister, folding box, container, for food packaging, food packaging tray, food container etc

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