What is RPET? RPET is simply recycled PET material, which is made from recycled PET resin. Mostly used in clothing and home textiles.

  As we know, PET is a 100% recyclable material. Used pet, such as PET bottle, can be recycled to make the Resin again. If the PET Film made from such Recycled resin/chip, we call it RPET.

  Recycled Apet film has a lower cost comparing with 100% Virgin Chip Apet film. Sourced from post-consumer waste (PCW) drinks bottles. Currently made from a minimum of 50% PCW.

  But such pet film also has good performance in the packaging, thermoforming. It can be used for Egg Tray, industrial tray, boxes, which do not require high transparency and clarity.

  R-PET is a proven material in the food packaging industry and is fast becoming the new standard in a whole new generation of responsible packaging, helping businesses to meet their CSR objectives.

  Post Consumer Waste, that is used PET bottles and other containers from collection – and bottle deposit programs. The collected material is put through a rigorous and stringent sorting – , flaking – , and washing process.

  Snelcore purchase the washed flake and then extrude into food approved sheet for the thermoforming industry.

  Using rPET means a significant reduction of the carbon footprint and a reduction in waste going to landfill, and offers a cost effective alternative to the traditional plastic packaging.

RPET Qualities

  •   high quality, stable, excellent finished product
  •   growing supply of raw material and known technology
  •   recyclable & sustainable material – competitively priced

Recycled PET (RPET) is a viable alternative to virgin PET and can be used in multiple applications. Over the last several years, RPET has been successfully used in food packaging applications. RPET produced by Verdeco Recycling and by other manufacturers can be found in beverage bottles and food packages on the shelves of stores and supermarkets all across America.

Friendly Tips

  If you are looking for 100% virgin chip Apet film,But you are receiving a offer at a quite low price for APET film.Please pay attention, it might be made from Recycled Resin.Better to ask carefully and get the same for review before placing an order.

If you have any questions about PET film business,welcome contact us online.