BOPET (biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate) is a polyester film. It is made of multifunctional engineering films by stretching polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in its two main directions )production. BOPET film has excellent comprehensive performance and can be recycled. Therefore, its application prospect is broader.

The biggest use of BOPET film is in flexible packaging, of course, it can also be used in other fields. Such as consumer electronics, automotive, green energy and medical devices.


The Difference Between BOPET Film and PET Film

MaterialsAmorphous polyester chipsPolycondensate of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol
CharacteristicHigh transparency, high tensile strength, Good warpage resistance, Good oxygen and moisture resistance, Cold resistance, Heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.Excellent optical properties, Good air tightness and fragrance retention,  Light aging resistance.
ApplicationBOPET films are mainly used in electrical, insulating materials, magnetic recording materials, photosensitive materials, films, decoration, transfer substrates and various packaging fields.PET film is used for secondary processing such as printing and paper bags, and is also often used in traffic facility billboards, traffic reflective signs, reflective police uniforms, and industrial safety signs.
The Difference Between BOPET Film and PET Film

BOPET Film Features

  • Good mechanical properties, good rigidity and folding resistance. The tensile strength of BOPEE film is 3 times that of PC film and nylon film, and the impact strength is 3-5 times that of BOPP film.
  • Good heat resistance and cooking resistance, and low temperature freezing resistance. The thermal shrinkage of BOPET film is extremely small, and its operating temperature range is between -60 and 120 °C, and it can reach 150 °C in a short time.
  • Good gas barrier.including Oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor.BOPET film has low water absorption. Good water resistance, suitable for packaging foods with high water content.
  • Good optical properties, good transparency, low haze and high gloss;
  • Odorless, tasteless, resistant to grease and general chemical corrosion.
  • Good electrical insulation performance.

BOPET Film Application

There are many types and uses of BOPET film. For details, please refer to the following introduction:

BOPET electrical insulating film: It has good chemical inertness, good insulation performance and high breakdown voltage. Can be used for electronic and electrical insulating materials.

BOPET capacitor film: high tensile strength, good thickness uniformity, good electrical properties, high resistance and other characteristics. Can be used for capacitor dielectrics and insulating spacers.

BOPET Card Protection Film: Protective packaging for pictures, documents, documents and office supplies. It makes it flat and beautiful after hot stamping as a protective film, and can keep the original clear and non-deformed.

BOPET semi-reinforced film: mainly used for packaging seals of boxed items, etc.

BOPET hot stamping film: It can be used for small dimensional changes during high temperature processing or as a transfer carrier.

BOPET printing composite packaging film: It can be used for the packaging of frozen food and food, pharmaceuticals, industrial products and cosmetics.

BOPET aluminized film: good temperature and chemical resistance, good processing and anti-aging properties. It can be used for packaging of tea, milk powder, candy, biscuits, etc. It can also be used as a decorative film such as string flower crafts, Christmas trees; it is also suitable for printing lamination or cardboard lamination.

BOPET Magnetic Recording Film: Base film and special packaging film for magnetic recording materials.

Specifications of Various BOPET Films

Commonly Used Standard Thicknesses
Electrical insulating film25μm、36μm、40μm、48μm、50μm、70μm、75μm、80μm、100μm和125μm(microns).Wire and cable insulation film (thickness is 25-75μm)Touch switch insulating film (50-75μm).
Capacitive film3.5μm、3.8μm、4μm、4.3μm、4.8μm、5μm、6μm、8μm、9μm、9.8μm、10μm、12μm。
Card protection film10.75μm、12μm、15μm、25μm、28μm、30μm、36μm、45μm、55μm、65μm、70μm.15μm above is mainly used as laser anti-counterfeiting base film or high-grade card protection film
Semi-reinforced film20μm、28μm、30μm、36μm、50μm
Bronzing film9μm、12μm、15μm、19μm、25μm、36μm。
Printing composite packaging film12μm、15μm、23μm、36μm
Aluminized film12μm、16μm、25μm、36μm
Magnetic recording filmAudio and video tape base: 9-12μmBlack film: 35-36μm
Specifications of Various BOPET Films

BOPET Film Manufacturer

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