When we talk about the PET Protective Film and PET Release Film, most of us feel that they are similar. They can be sample raw materials, colors. And they have same protective function. So they will regard that PET Protective Film and PET Release Film are the same. Actually, they are not. Today, let DEDHUI explain the 2 different points of PET Protective Film vs PET Release Film.

Raw materials difference.

1–The PET protective film is coated with glues of different viscosities on the PET film.

It has three types: high viscosity, medium viscosity and low viscosity.

With adhesion protection. Its scope of application is die-cutting into different product shapes after being laminated with release film or release paper. Tear off the accessories and transfer them to other products.

Such as mobile phones, computers, etc., play the role of screensavers.

2–The PET release film is coated with a release agent on the PET material. PET release film is backing paper of protection film.

It also has three types of release force: light, medium and heavy. Has anti-sticking effect.

PET release film is mainly used for die-cutting with protective film bonding, various tape bonding and die-cutting, etc. PET release film is an auxiliary material.

Mainly function is easy tearing.

Appications difference

1–The use of PET protective film:

After bonding with release film or release paper, cut into different product shapes. Peel off auxiliary materials and move to other products.

For example, mobile phones, personal computers, PAD, LED displays, LCDs, touch screens, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc., function as screen savers to protect the screen. Avoid injury during use.

2–The use of PET release film.

PET release film is widely used in packaging, printing, wiring substrates, laser anti-counterfeiting, laminating, electronic die cutting, sealing material film, light-reflective material, waterproof material, etc.