PETG Film, PETG Shrink Heat-shrinkable Film 30 mic-60 mic

  • Thickness: 30,35,40,45,50,60micron
  • Three color types: Transparent, Matt, White
  • Shrinkage:70%-80%

PETG SHRINK FILM is known as GPET (Glycol-modified Polyetthylene Teraphthalate) film,PETG HEAT Shrink Film. It is a non-crystalline copolyester, amorphous plastic film. It is conposed of TPA,EG and CHDM by conden-sation polymerization.PETG Heat Shrink Film is the most heat resistant, highest shrinkage sleeve material.

It starts to shrink between 70°Cand 80°C. The shrink percentage can up to about 80%. PETG shrink film is available for a variety of packaging,tamper evidence,extruded roll stock,shrink bags or cap seal.

Dehui is PETG Shrink Film manufacturer and supplier.We have three types of PETG shrink film: Transparent, Matt, White.

The thickness is 30mic,35mic,40mic,45mic,50mic,60mic. We have both Medium shrink and high shrink PETG shrink film. It combines high density and strength into a high-quality option.


● Excellent shrinkage, wrap around container with 360 degree graphics
● Excellent dimensional stability
● Uniform thickness
● Smooth and flat surface
● Good printing effect and mechanical adaptability


Product NamePETG Heat Shrink Film
Brand Dehui Film
Material PETG (Glycol-modified Polyetthylene Teraphthalate)
Thickness 30mic – 60mic
Width 350mm – 1200mm
Width Tolerance ±5%
Roll Length2000m,4000m
Thickness Tolerance ±10%
 Density 1.32 g/cm³
Color Transparent,White,Matt
Supply Ability 10,000 Tons Per Year


PETG shink film is typically used for labeling of containers made from materials. Such as PET, PS, PE, glass, and cans,beverage bottle label, cosmetic bottle label, electronic product packaging, etc.

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