Polyester Films

  Our Bopet film,pet film,polyester film are produced by world class production line Donier /Bruckner,all Bopet film are certificated by SGS for FDA & EEC Directives.

  Our Pet film,polyester film provides superb physical, chemical, and electrical properties and is widely used in industrial materials, including optical, electrical materials, electrical insulation, and solar devices. It also has a wide range of applications in high-value products, such as stamping foils, drawing films, rainbow films, and dry film.

 Our company has been certified to ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, SGS,REACH.Our products have passed the inspection of SGS, meet the requirements of RoHS and are identified as green and eco-friendly products without harmful substance.

Polyester Films Application Range

  •   Pet film for printing
  •   Pet film for lamination
  •   Pet film for metallizing
  •   Pet film for releasing
  •   Pet film for decoration
  •   Pet film for heat transfer foil
  •   Pet film for electrical insulation
  •   Pet film for metallic yarn
  •   Pet film for window film
  •   shrink Pet film for shrink sleeve
  •   Heat sealable pet film
  •   White pet film
  •   Matte pet film

Corona treated pet film

Corona treated pet film is very common products in pet film product. Corona treatment is a high frequency charge would provide both a more efficient end controllable method of increasing the adhesion and wettability (surface tension) of a plastic surface.

  The result is an improvement of the chemical connection (dyn/cm) between the molecules in the plastic and the applied media/liquid. This surface treatment will not reduce or change the strength. Neither will it change the appearance of the material.

  The surface tension of pet films is not sufficiently high to permit good adhesion of print ink with pet film . In case of lamination , it prevents better bonding between two or more materials. Hence, for better quality of printing, lamination and coating processes , surface tension of the plastic films should be increased. The Corona Treatment method is widely used nowadays to increase the surface tension of the pet film.

  Corona Treated PET films offer polyester film products that provide excellent performance characteristics suitable for use in packaging and industrial applications.

Corona treatment sides

  Corona treatment can be done in one side or both sides on the pet films.One side Corona treated pet film ,both sides Corona treated pet film

Typical applications

  •   Corona treated pet film for printing
  •   Corona treated Pet film for metallizing
  •   Corona treated pet film for lamination
  •   Corona treated pet film for tape

PET Sheet

  PET Sheet is a kind of modern new type packaging material which is produced through extrusion or calendering. It can be used for printing, blistering and folding and widely applied in packaging of foodstuff and industry products.

  PET Dull Polish Sheet is produced through calendering or extrusion and then processing by tailor-made dull polish sheet roller. According to particle size, the products can be delided into coarse and fine type.

  Fuctures: Uniform thickness, smooth surface/beautiful sand ripples, no grains, contamination control and good processing performance.

  Purpose: Printing, folding, tag, cards; Vacuum forming packaging for foodstuff, cosmetic, costume, headpiece, electric apparatus and hardware, handicrafts, toys and stationery and so on.

Main Products:

Single-side dull polish sheet, double-side dull polish sheet, dull polish colored sheet; Transparent sheet, film pasting sheet, colored sheet, sheets for armet and albumen plate and so on.

Thickness: 0.18mm-6.00mm

Width: Max. 3200mm

  Custom production with and ripples is available according to customer’s requirements.We are the only munafacturer which could produce PET Sheets reach 6.00mm In China.

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