PA/PE Coextruded Film for High Barrier and Thermoforming

  • Thickness: 55mic-300mic 
  • Usages: Lower Temperature Food Package
  • Surface: Embossed/Plain

PA/PE Coextruded Barrier Film

PA/PE Coextruded Film for High Barrier and Thermoforming film can be used for food vacuum packaging. It is one of the most effective ways to protect and preserve food products.

PA/PE Coextruded Barrier Films are available both in a form of embossed films and covering ones that are used to pack (with roller machines). And also in a form of ready-made bags of any dimension, used with a variety of packing automated machines.

Dehui PA/PE Coextruded Barrier Film Description

As per its structures, we have different types for different using. They are also available with an EVOH barrier layer.

Product Thermoforming Film
Other Material  OptionPA/PP, PA/EVOH/PE          
Strcture7 / 9 Layer Co-extruded
ApplicationMeat / Cheese / Sausage / Fish / Seafood / Nuts / Medica
Material GradeNew
Forming Temperature80-100°C
Sealing Temperature130-150°C
Heat TreatmentLower than 95°C/30mins
CertificateEU / ISO9001
Excellent forming properties
Excellent sealing properties
Outstanding barrier properties against gas, water, odour and moisture
Special physical attributes such as durability, flex-crack, and puncture resistance
Meet with EU Regulations

PA/PE Coextruded Barrier Film Types

High Barrier food packaging thermoforming film(PA/PE)

Product Advantages:

  • 1.Excellent flexibility and puncture resistance
  • 2. High transparency and excellent flatness
  • 3. Good tensile properties, can be used for top film and bottom film can be printed
  • 4. Thickness range: 55um-300um
  • 5.Usage:Normal temperature and refrigerated, frozen foods, such as dried meat, jam, nuts, ham, seafood, meat, and another packaging.

High Barrier food packaging thermoforming film(PA/EVOH/PE)

Product Advantages:

  • 1. High barrier and puncture resistance ,can protect aroma and extend the shelf life of food
  • 2. High transparency and better thcikness deviation and good heat sealing performance
  • 3.Can be printed
  • 4. Thickness range: 55um-300um
  • 5.Usage:can be applied in stretch forming packaging in fields of meat,fresh food and medicine products.

The Coextruded Film Comparing

Production series


Middle barrier, PA SurfacePA/PE PA barrier Layer, medium barrier; 
PA surface layer,
Good puncture resistance; 
Thickness range 55um-300um
High barrier, PA Surface PA/EVOH/PE EVOH barrier Layer,
High barrier performance;
PA surface layer, good puncture resistance;
Thickness range 55um-300um
Retort, PA SurfacePA/PP PP sealant layer,
High-temperature resistance
Thickness range 55um-300um