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Contact us for a free sample

Dehui Industry Company Limited

(Dongying Jiachuan Commerce and Trade Company Limited)

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +86 546 757 1882

Mobile & WhatsApp: +86 158 0546 5460

Add: Qingzhou,Shandong,China

Service, Inc.
246 Service Way
Melbourne, FL 32940

Phone +1 000 000 0000
Email [email protected]


Products we can supply: High Barrier Film,White Polyester Film, PETG Film,Metallized Film,Both sides corrona PET film.

How to Reach Us?

1 Airplane:

From Beijing Capital Airport to Weifang Airport

7:00am to 8:30am (1.5 hour.) (Everyday)

From Wifang Airport to Beijing Capital Airport

From Beijing Train Station to Qingzhou Train Station.(Fast Train)

6 lines per day

8:50am to 10:40am (1 hour.) (Everyday)

From Shanghai Pudong Airport to Weifang airport

7:50am to 9:40am

From Weifang Airport to Shanghai Pudong Airport

14:45am to 16:35pm.

We will pick you up from Weifang Airport, our factory are 50 km from Weifang Airport.

2 By Train:

From Jinan Train Station to Qingzhou Train Station. (Fast Train)

24 lines per day

From Shanghai Train Station to Qingzhou Train Station.(Fast Train)

2 lines per day

10 minitues far away from From Qingzhou Station to our factory

If you want to visit our factory, please tell us the exact time you will arrive at China.

We will make the hotel reservation for you.

XINDU International Hotel (Add:4 stars hotel, Add:No. 3888 Tuoshan Road, Qingzhou)