White Polyester Film

White Polyester Film, White Opaque PET Film

  White Opaque Polyester Film with outstanding properties like low transparency and high whiteness. These films have high mechanical strength, dimensional stability, low water absorption, and are resistant to grease, strong acids, oils and organic solvents.


 White Opaque pet film grade,its high mechanical strength and dimensional stability makes this film suitable for varied printing applications especially in label and graphics industry.

  This white pet film is suitable for all usual printing processes like offset, flexographic or gravure printing. This film has glossy satin finish and pre-treatment (42 dyne) on both surfaces to promote adhesion to most industrial inks and coatings.


  • Insulation,
  • Non-toxic, tasteless,
  • Can be directly used for food packaging,
  • Thermal stability at elevated temperatures
  • Good mechanical properties,Impact strength
  • Good Tensile break strength,Tensile yield strength,Elongation at break
  • Good performance on Chemical and electrical resistance
  • Resistant to most solvents,UV Block,good glossy

Typically Usage:

Typically used for:Labels,Identity Cards,Imaging, e.g. Ink Jet Film,As a high-quality alternative to paper, e.g.in blister packages

Widely Application:

  These Polyester films possess high tensile strength and are ideal for many industrial functions. The industries, where white polyester films are highly applicable are:Electronics industry,Packaging industry,Chemical industry

  The high opacity high whiteness polyester film is suitable for all usual printing processes like offset, flexographic or gravure printing. The brilliant white surface leads to high precision images. The film is also very heat resistant and dimensionally stable.


  • Thickness: 12 micron 23 micron 25 micron 50 micron 75 micron 100 micron 125 micron 188 micron 250 micron 350 micron white polyester film
  • Width: 10 mm  –3000  mm
  • Corona Treatment: NON
  • Operating Temperatures Range (Fahrenheit /Celsius): 100 F to 350 F (-73 C to 177 C)

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