White PET Film for Lamination

Lamination is the main application for PET film. It is PET based, one or both side corona treated and one side extrusion coated, thermal laminating film. Film has extrusion coated surface on PET film with low temp. melting resin, which enables the lamination of film to paper products by heat and pressure.


  Our range of PET based thermal lamination films offer superior scuff resistance and optical properties and have excellent bond strength with all kinds of paper. These films are available in 27 – 250 microns.

2.5m-3.2m width PET white film for lamination

  One the width, we can supply super wide PET white film for lamination. White opaque PET film mainly used in High-grade flexible packaging, Building materials , Decorating materials etc.It is Pure white, opaque almost. It have excellent mechanical properties.

  Our white BOPET polyester film, the thickness of products ranges from 12 micron to 350 micron, depending on the thickness, the number of meters per roll is also different. Each roll is made of 76 mm inner diameter paper tube wrapped with bubble film.

TDS for white PET Film

  The width of each roll be arranged according to the customer’s requirements, and the large demand can be made with 3 wooden pallets (under normal circumstances, one pallet for every 9 pieces)

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