Polyester Pet film for lamination

  One main application of polyester film is lamination. We are manufacturer of Pet film for lamination.

  Our corona treated pet film,chemically treated pet film has good lamination performance,suitable for various lamination applications.


  Normally people laminate the PET film with PE film in order to get a better heat sealing ability. PET film also can be laminate with other material like PVC film. VCM film is such kind of structure ,PET/PVC to laminate with steel plate. Nowadays,PET film can be laminated with steel directly also.It was already a better lamination materials.

  We also supply matte pet film,white pet films which are suitable for lamination.Our clear pet film thickness range from 10-250 mic with one side or 2 sides corona treatment,chemically treated pet film which can be used for various printing and lamination applications.


  •   Good clarity and transparency
  •   Good adhesion to inks&lacquers
  •   Excellent mechanical& thermal properties
  •   Our pet film standard thickness for lamination are
  •   12mic, 23 mic ,50micron pet film for lamination.
  •   75 mic ,100mic ,125 micron,150 micron,188 micron pet film for lamination.
  •   Maximum width:2250mm

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