PET Mirror Reflective film with adhesive


PET Mirror Reflective film with adhesive

PET Mirror Reflective film with adhesive

MaterialsPolyester/ PET + AL
Thickness500 μm ~200 μm
Width Customized
Core3“ or 6”

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PET Mirror Reflective film is based on the environment friendly material of the polyester film. Its structure is a protective film, metalized surface, PET Base film, Release film. It can be chosen With or without adhesive.

It has some characteristics such as the high retro-reflection, excellent silver surface and thermostabilization and so on, is the best substitute for stainless steel and aluminum products ( lamp and solar concentrator).

Metalized film (VMPET) is a silver color reflective polyester film that is plated with a thin aluminum layer on the surface under high vacuum conditions. so it combines the advantages of plastic film and the aluminum metallic luster. Electroplated mirror PET material, this material is mirror reflective, excellent in brightness, and the surface mirror is extremely clear. Excellent reflection and illumination effect. Its clarity is close to the excellent effect of a real mercury mirror. It can be die-cut into a plane shape at will, and it can also be bent.


  • 1.       Highly reflective to sunlight and grow light
  • 2.       High barrier of oxygen and water vapor
  • 3.       Easy to laminate with Fiberglass Wool and other material
  • 4.       Strong adhesion of aluminum layer, very difficult to peel off
  • 5.       Water-proof/damp-proof and dust-proof
  • 6.       light-blocking and thermal insulation
  • 7.       Corrosion resistance and aging resistance
  • 8.       UV protection and heat resistance
  • 9.       Durable and Environmentally Friendly


Product NamesMirror Metallized polyester film with adhesive
BacksideWith adhesive/Without adhesive
Thickness0.1 -0.2mm
Reflect rate85%
Length200m, or based on the order request
WidthWidth: 80mm/500mm/1000mm, or depend on your request
Core3”, 6”
PackagePackage: Pop bag and Pallet


Widely used in printing, packaging, toys, decoration, electronics, etc. It is suitable for making reflectors, mirror reflectors, mirror stickers, car body reflectors, etc.

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