Metalized Polyester film


Metallized Polyester Film

Metallized Polyester Film

MaterialsPolyester/ PET + AL
Thickness6 μm ~250 μm
Width Customized
Core3“ or 6”

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 Aluminized Polyester Film (Metallized PET Film) is a composite plastic film flexible packaging material coated with a thin layer of metallic aluminum. By high temperature under a high vacuum, the aluminum melt was evaporated. The surface of a plastic film having a metallic luster.

Aluminum metalized polyester film is a beautiful, excellent performance, practical packaging material. We are aluminized polyester film manufacturer.


  1.  • Dimensional Accuracy.
  2.  • Durable. 
  3.  • Smooth Texture.
  4.  • High bond strength between Aluminum layer and base film, good brightness.
  5.  • Good barrier property Good mechanical property


Product NamesVMPET, Metallized polyester film, aluminized polyester film
Thickness6mic –250mic
LengthAccording to customers’ requirements
WidthAccording to customers’ requirements
Core3”, 6”
Corona TreatmentSingle side/both side


  1.   • 6 Micron -> Mainly used for lamination with the board to manufacture the disposable items.
  2.   • 8/9 & 10 Micron -> Mainly used for the printing industry to manufacture laminate pouches also used in offset printing
  3.   • 12 Micron -> Mainly used in rotogravure printing for manufacturing laminates.
  4.   • 15 & 19 Micron -> These materials are twisted and mainly used in the confectionery industry for wrapping sweets and chocolates.
  5.   • 25 Micron -> mainly used for label application.
  6.   • 30 Micron and 36 Micron -> Mainly used for manufacturing Mehandi cones.
  7.   • 50 Micron -> Used in labels application and label application. Used in sequence film application
  8.   • 75, 100, 125, 200 Micron -> Used for sequence film and electrical application for motor winding used for window lamination in corrugate boxes.

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