Clear Polyester Film


Clear Polyester Film

Clear Polyester Film

MaterialsPolyester/ PET
ColorClear / Transparent
Thickness4.5 mic–350 micron
Width 10mm–3000mm
Core3“ or 6”

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Transparent PET film is a thermoplastic environmental protection plastic product. After burning, it is odorless and tasteless and does not produce toxic gas.

 Transparent, no water ripples, no crystal points, no double phase white. Strong resistance to grease and chemicals, toughness and rigidity.

Good impact resistance strength. (impact resistance strength at low temperatures is also good, about 20% higher than PVC standards).

Mainly Used for blister, folding box, packaging, printing, card making, etc.

Transparency PET film is used in electronics, printing, packaging, insulation, flexible circuit printing, display screen saver PET, membrane switch, film window, printing film, imposition base, self-adhesive base paper, glue coating, silicone coating, Motor gasket, cable tape, instrument panel, capacitor insulation, furniture peeling film, window film, protective film inkjet printing, and decoration, etc.


  • 1.Good electrical insulation ability
  • 2.Good heat resistance
  • 3.Excellent chemical resistance
  • 4.Good anti-aging performance
  • 5.Excellent mechanical strength



  • 6/7 Micron -> Mainly used for lamination with board to manufacture disposable item.
  • 8/9 & 10 Micron -> Mainly used for printing industry to manufacture laminate pouches,also used in off set printing
  • 12 Micron -> Mainly used in rotogravure printing for manufacturing laminates.
  • 15 & 19 Micron -> These materials are twist and mainly used in confectionery industry for wrapping sweets and chocolates.
  • 25 Micron -> mainly used for label application used for Mehandi cones.
  • 30 &36 Micron -> Mainly used for manufacturing Mehandi cones.
  • 50 Micron -> Used in labels application and label application.Used in sequence film application
  • 75, 100, 125, 200,250 Micron -> Used for sequence film and electrical application for motor winding
  • Used for window lamination in corrugate boxes.

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