Chemically Treated Clear Polyester Film


Chemically Treated Polyester Film

Chemically Treated Polyester Film

MaterialsPolyester/ PET + Chemical surface
Thickness12 μm ~250 μm
Width Customized
Core3“ or 6”

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Chemically treated polyester film is a chemically pre-treated film with a chemical coating or co-ex (co-polymer) skin on one side or both sides. The chemical treatment can enhance adhesion properties by providing a primed surface. Improve adhesion of Al-metallizing, printing inks, adhesives, and coatings. So it is also called a primed polyester film


  1. Good clarity and transparency
  2. Good adhesion to inks & lacquers
  3. Strong water resistance
  4. High-temperature resistance.


Product NamesPrimed polyester film, Chemically Treated PET Film
Thickness12mic –250mic
LengthAccording to customers’ requirements
WidthAccording to customers’ requirements
Core3”, 6”
Corona Treatmentone side or both sides corona treated,chemically treated


  1. Printing
  2. Laminated films with particularly high bond strength requirements,
  3. Silicon coated pet films,
  4. Metalizing

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