Black Polyester Film


Black PET Film, Black Polyester Film

Black Polyester Film

MaterialsPolyester/ PET
SurfaceGlossy / Matt
Thickness15mic–300 micron
Width 10mm–3000mm
Core3“ or 6”

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Black polyester film is a high-end film. It uses polyethylene terephthalate as raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of special polyester masterbatch. It is dried, melted, extruded, casted and stretched vertically and horizontally. We are a Black polyester film manufacturer and supplier from China.

The black polyester film has two specifications: opaque and transparent. The standard thickness is 25UM~250UM, the width is 1000mm. It can also be cut into different widths according to customer requirements.

Dehui Black PET filmThickness range: 15~300μm (50, 75 , 100 ,125,188 micron are typical thickness.)


  • High coverage of black
  • Even、permanent black color, smooth, bright surface
  • High mechanical property and heat resistance
  • Applied to Audiotape liner、Electronic-sonic component、Adhesive tape etc.
  • Black pet film with low light transmittance and uniform corona,
  • Excellent electrical insulation performance;
  • Very good coating processing performance.



Tape black slip paper, electro-acoustic equipment (sound film, vibrating film), glue, tape, punching, insulating spacer, film circuit screen printing, etc.

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