SurfaceGlossy Matte
Thickness0.18mm ~3 mm
Width Customized
PackagePallet, Carton Box

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We are APET film manufacturer and supplier in China.

Apet film is also called Rigid pet film,Rigid polyester film,which is quickly becoming a popular material in various packaging due to its exceptional clarity and ease in processing. In addition, polyester material is being used more and more as an environmentally friendly alternative to more traditional plastic materials,like PVC film.

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of high quality Apet film,also called rigid pet film,our apet film are made of 100% virgin chip for food grade.with FDA approval .can be used for food tray via thermoforming process.

Our Apet film with corona treatment,has good wetting tension,high dyne values, suitable for various printing method,such as  UV offset printing,Screen printing,.

We also have anti-fog coated apet films,Anti-static apet film,anti block coated apet film which can customer’s high packing performance requirement.

APET Film (full name: Amorphous-polyethylene terephthalate) is a thermal pet film, our films have high gloss and transparency. good thermoforming ability. our pet film can be used for vacuum forming, food tray packaging, folding boxes and set-up boxes, blister packaging, clamshell etc.

APET is the short name for Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate. It is a thermal plastic and part of the polyester product family. It provides unsurpassed gloss and transparency for the ultimate product visibility. APET is utilized in a broad range of applications, including vacuum forming, food and non-food packaging, folding and set-up boxes, stationery, as well as printing and graphics.


  • 1. Rigid, high transparency and glossiness.
  • 2. Stable performance, not influenced by humidity
  • 3. Good conduction properties
  • 4.Superior impact resistance
  • 5.High light transmittance
  • 6.Superior processing property
  • 7.Waterproof, good weather resistance, corrosion resistance,
  • 8. Eco-friendly; odorless, tasteless, Non-toxic; Non pollution, easy to be recycled


Product NamesAPET Film Sheet, APET Film Roll,APET Film
Thickness0.18mm, 3mm
LengthAccording to customers’ requirements
WidthAccording to customers’ requirements
PackagePallet, Carton box
Protective one side /both side PE protective film


A-PET environmental protection film is widely used in cosmetics, food,electronics, toys, printing and other industries packaging, such as various kinds of blister packaging, folding box, rubber tube, window film etc.

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