Anti Fog PET Film


Anti Fog PET Film, Sheet, Plastic

PET Anti Fog Film, Sheet, Plastic

MaterialsPolyester/ PET + AL
Thickness6 μm ~250 μm
Width Customized
Core3“ or 6”

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PET anti-fog film is a kind of functional film with anti-fogging function. It is composed of anti-fog coating, PET layer, adhesive layer and release film. Very suitable for use in touch screens, freezers, bath mirrors, architectural glass, equipment and other environments that are prone to fogging.


  • High transmittance: good optical performance, high visible light transmittance
  • High stability: Using high weather resistance PET film as the substrate, with high mechanical strength, high and low-temperature resistance
  • High durability: resistant to wiping and cleaning, easy maintenance and management, the anti-fog function can be maintained even after long-term use
  • Safety: When applied to mirror or glass, it has the function of glass explosion-proof
  • Convenience: With a self-adhesive layer, it is easy to install, easy to adhere firmly to the glass substrate, and there will be no traces left after tearing off

PET Anti Fog Film Structure

  • PET Protective: 50um
  • Anti-fog coating:15um
  • PET base Film:50um
  • OCA: 25um
  • PET Release Film:38um


Transparency >90%
Anti-fog Function 30/50 ℃,24hrin waterNo water film, no fog
High-Temperature Anti-fog Function at 85 ℃No water film, no fog
Abrasion testPass
High temperature and humidity test 65 95RH, 240hrPass
High-Temperature Testing, at 85 ℃, 240hrPass
Low-Temperature Testing,at -17 ℃, 200hrPass
Application Temperature-40 ℃ –130 ℃


  • Building exterior wall decoration (excellent light transmittance, without any visual obstacles)
  • Bathroom and shower mirror (the mirror surface is not disturbed by the slightest mist when bathing, it is still clearly visible)
  • Commercial freezers and cooked food cabinet doors (no electricity, no power consumption, no radiation, energy saving and emission reduction)
  • Industrial safety and sports caps, glasses and face shields (improve safety protection)
  • Instrument surface and display lens, car glass
  • Display, car touch screen, electronic display, etc.

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