PETG heat shrinkable film,PETG shrink film

  We are the professional manufacturer and exporter of petg shrink film for shrink sleeves. (petg shrink label)


What is PETG shrinkable film?

  PETG shrinkable film ,which is produced from PET-G (CHDM polymerization) base material.It is considered as a kind of ester film met friendly environment,is mainly used to pack with PET containers or bottles,provided that can cut down recycling cost.

PETG shrink film is available for a variety of packaging types,sleeves,tamper evidence,extruded roll stock,shrink bags or cap seal according to customers’ size.

  Many large companies are switching to the versatility and sustainability of PETG over PVC and OPS including Coca-Cola,Pepsi,Nestle,and Unilever,The benefits of PETG shrink film in the consumer markets have well received.

  PETG is an amorphous plastic resign of the polyster family.Due to its high shrinkage,highest among all shrink sleeve material.

PETG is an ideal solution for container shrink film that have complex geometries and require superior printability.Compared to other material.

PETG resign is much more environmentally friendly making it a perfect solution for companies looking to switch from more harmful materials.

Medium shrink and high shrink PETG shrinkable film

  We have both Medium shrink and high shrink PETG shrink film. It combines high density and strength into a high quality option.

  Specifically applied to high-performance shrink film, more than 78% of the shrinkage, can be made into a complex container packaging, with high suction capacity, high transparency, high gloss, low haze, easy to print, not easy to fall off, storage, low natural shrinkage, used in beverage bottles, food and cosmetics packaging, electronic product labels, and Eco-friend to replace PVC shrink film

  PETG shink film is typically used for labeling of containers made from materials such as PET, PS, PE, glass, and cans.


  •   Our petg shrink film are produced in world class facility,even thickness,good surface tension,suitable for various printing machine.
  •   Good performance in slitting, sealing and labeling processes.
  •   Superb Stability at Room Temperature – These films will not shrink when stored.


Products NamePET Shrinkable film,PETG shrink film
Country of Origin China
Thickness40micron petg shrink film,45micron petg shrink film,50micron petg shrink film, 60micron petg shrink film
Width660mm,640mm,customized width
FeatureGood printing performance,medium shrinkage,high shrinkage rate
Applications:beverage shrink label,shrink sleeves
advantagehigh shrinkage rate,eco-friendly,qualified by well-known brand.
Packing methodStandard Suspention pallet

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