PETG Film,PETG Sheet,Rigid PETG Film

We are the manufacturer of PETG Film,PETG sheet,Rigid PETG film.The 2 main types of PETG: Both PETG Film Roll and PETG film sheet is available.


  PETG FILM is Known as GPET,is a non-crystalline copolyester,pos-sesses CHDM, It is conposed of TPA,EG and CHDM by conden-sation polymerization.While,CHDM of PETG is the reason that its performance is differ from PET.


PETG has no crystallization tem-perature,can easily be molding and bonding without albinism which is the major defect of PET material.

 PETG is Known as GPET,is a non-crystalline copolyester , PETG is a clear transparent sheet made from thermoplastic polyester. Our high gloss petg sheet is a clear Polyester transparent sheet made from Thermoplastic co-polyester. It offers extreme clarity and light transmission in combination with a high gloss surface finish. PETG sheets have very good impact resistance even at low temperatures and are approved for food contact applications.

PETG has outstanding thermoforming properties, short production cycles, extreme draw ratios and good mould reproduction without the need for pre drying. PETG is easy to screen print, and offers ease of fabrication.It can also be fabricated using a number of techniques such as vacuum forming, hot and cold line bending, drilling and milling.

PETG Sheet

PETG Sheet adopts imported raw materials and conform to International Eco-friendly Standard.The supreme thermoformal performance, non-crystallization ever, easily shaping


High gloss petg sheet has widely applications such as:

  • High Gloss PETG Laminate Sheet,
  • PETG Film for Interior Decoration
  • PETG thermoforming plastic sheet

  PETG has excellent processability and moldability.PETG is quickly replaceing existing materials, such as PC and PMMA, because of its outstanding safety, transparency and chemical resistance.We are proudly producing GAG sheet as well.


We also supply the high quality PETGAG Film. GAG PET Film.  

GAG is a kind of PET material, which is a three-layer co-extruded material, namely the first layer of PETG. The second layer of APET. The third layer of PETG. Mainly used for upper and lower cover heat sealing or high frequency pressing, it combines the low price of APET and the adhesion of PETG.


PET GAG film is petg/apet/petg STRUCTURE.GAG -PET Film (A/B/A) – “A” layer made of G-PET.

  GAG and G-PET are widely used for electronic heating work, high-impact package, and now it is altanative to DECO-sheet.

  • 1. We adopt three layers of co-extrusion process, like the ABA type. The B layer is PET sheet, the A layer is PETG sheet. PETG is an ideal material for thermoplastic, the temperature range is 180℃~220℃.
  • 2. It can be high-frequency welding.
  • 3. High transparent.