Shrinkable PET films are specially designed for outer sleeve wrapping and label applications of metal cans, glass and plastic bottles and containers of various size and shapes. We are the professional manufacturer and exporter of pet shrink film for shrink sleeves.


The flexibility of Shrink films facilitates the effective labeling of unconventional packaging shapes. The form fitting shrink characteristics of our films conveniently encompass large bases, pinched waist and small neck containers of almost any shape or size.

PET Shrink film is the best scuff resistance Shrink film with heat resistance options, very high gloss percentage and the best shrinkage performance.

  PET Shrink film has a higher shrink percentage than the PVC shrink film and the OPS shrink film.

With reverse printed shrink labels, it is possible to present appealing high clarity images with a high gloss finish while protecting the labels from scuffing, tearing or other possible damages.

  Over the years PET Shrink film has become more popular, mainly due to the fact that they are recyclable, eco-friendly and pasturable.

.Our shrinkable film is a polyester film that adheres to an assortment of packaging. It is typically used for labeling of containers made from materials such as PET, PS, PE, glass, and cans. Some of the characteristics are

  •   Optically Excellent – The clarity of this film enables eye catching graphics when printed.
  •   Great Processibility – This film has a uniform thickness and is dimensionally stable. It is a high performance film that works very well in the printing, slitting, sealing and labeling processes. Post processing, this film maintains its profile which results in an outstanding finished product.
  •   Superb Stability at Room Temperature – These films will not shrink when stored, or transported at room temperature thus saving on special transport, or cooling bills.
  •   High Temperature Resistant – At high processing temperatures, the stable characteristics of this film are evident. Whether used as a label, or cap seal the end product is one that can be depended on to meet, or exceed expectations of quality.


  1) Thickness: 35 μ , 40 μ , 45 μ , 50μ

  •   40micron pet shrink film,high shrinkage rate
  •   50micron pet shrink film,high shrinkage rate

  2) Application feature:

  •   TS—- 35, 40, 45, 50um for Transparent Shrinkable PET Film
  •   WS—- 35, 40, 45, 50um for White Shrinkable PET Film
  •   TS—– 35, 40, 45, 50um for Digital Printable Shrinkable PET Film

  3) Applications:beverage label,shrink sleeve

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