PET Shrink Film

PET Shrink Film

PET Shrink Film, also called pet heat shrinkable film,shrink pet film,PETG shrinkable film ( Glycol-modified polyethylene terephtalate glycol) is a film with a high strength rate (  higher shrink percentage ( 80% shrinkage) ) and excellent clarity. 

It is an amorphous plastic resin of the polyster family. Due to its 80% shrinkage, highest among all shrink sleeve material, PETG is an ideal solution for container shrink film that have complex geometries and require superior printability.


Compared to other material, PET resin is much more environmentally friendly making it a perfect solution for companies looking to switch from more harmful materials such as PVC. Since PET shrinkage occurs at a lower temperature than material like PVC and OPS, there is the added benefit of higher energy efficiency and productivity.

Specifications: PET shrink film to make PET Sleeve Label

1) Thickness:40 micron, 45 micron , 50 micron (Shrinkage 75-78%) with high quality printing.
2) Width: 500-1200mm
3)Shrinkage Rate:high and medium shrinkage 
4) Standard export pallet packing
5) Applications:beverage label,shrink sleeve

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