PET release liner

  PET release liner OR PET Release film is made of PET Film which is coated with silicone release agent in our clean room coater.

  The pet film with stable release, good residual adhesion .We offer wide variety of film thicknesses with customized releasing force. Single side coated, double side coated, with antistatic coating, hard coating also can be made.


  Our pet release liner is suitable for labels, liners for protective film, for cast film for green sheets, and as separator films.

  PET release film applies PET film as major materials and the surface is coated with releasing materials

  Since the surface of the film is smoothly and evenly painted, it successfully avoids many drawbacks such as crinkles, granules, bubbles, pinholes, etc.Moreover, it displays manyadvantages such as excellent physical properties, minor thickness tolerance, high transparency, low heat contractility rate, and fine plasticity.

PET release Liner has following features

  • 1.purified environment production, processing, high clean condition;
  • 2. Uniform coating
  • 3. Appearance without scratches, good smoothness, no wrinkles, no dirty, no crystal points;
  • 4. High residual adhesion rate (≥85%), little silicon transfer, no performance impact on the material, no pollution;

Product specification

  • 1. Wide: 1560mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
  • 2. Length: 200m-3000m (can be divided into rewinding according to customer requirements)
  • 3. Core diameter (paper tube or plastic tube):3 inches (76.2mm) or 6 (152.4mm)

Available thickness for PET Release film/PET Release Liner