PET Release Film

Silicone Coated PET Release Film

   Silicone coated pet release film or Silicone pet Release Film is silicone coating on pet films.It is base on PET film. It is widely used in pressure sensitive adhesive applications as a carrier film or release liner. As one kind of new release material, PET release film has many advantages, such as Anti-Static, high quality and polished. Its usages of being release paper for adhesive and protective film, also being ideal materials of die-cutting.


   We offer wide variety of pet film thicknesses with customized releasing force.

  PET release film applies PET film as major materials and the surface is coated with releasing materials (Silicone coated)

  Since the surface of the film is smoothly and evenly coated, it successfully avoids many drawbacks such as crinkles, convulsions, granules, bubbles, pinholes, etc.Moreover, it displays many advantages such as excellent physical properties, minor thickness tolerance, high transparency, low heat contractility rate, and fine plasticity.

  Our pet release film,silicone coated pet film is produced at clean room environment, key parts like coating head at 1000 class clean room.It process like below:



1.purified environment production, processing, high clean condition;
2. Uniform coating
3. Appearance without scratches, good smoothness, no wrinkles, no dirty, no crystal points;
4. High residual adhesion rate (≥85%), little silicon transfer, no performance impact on the material, no pollution;