PET film for Thermoforming

    PET films are used in a wide range of thermoforming and vacum forming packaging applications .With an excellent characteristic of vacuum & pressure forming, transparency, high color, impact resistance, and chemical resistance, PET Sheet is suited for making packaging material for Stationaries, Toys, Tools, Gifts, and other large variety of custom merchandise.

  We offer thermoforming PET film rolls in a wide range of standard or customized sheet. pet film for vacuum forming,offset printing,  thermoforming.PET film can be supplied in in roll type/Reel type and sheet type with 1 or 2 sides protection film.

Thermoforming PET film Applications:

  Our Rigid PET films are used in a wide range of thermoforming and vacum forming packaging applications:

clamshell packaginG food tray cosmetic trays toys packaging
blister packaging plastic cups pharmaceutical packaging plastic lids and covers
non-food thermoforming containers ruits/vegetables trays confectionery packaging biscuits/chocolates/pralines trays
consumer goods blisters baked goods packaging electronic products packaging hardware & tool packaging

Thermoforming PET film Benefits:

  • Environmentals
  • Thermoforming PET film is non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and environmentally friendly.
  • Grease Resistance Toughness, Stiffness and Impact Strength
  • Deep Forming Capabilities
  • Gamma Ray Sterilization Resistance

Thermoforming materials we can supply is Rigid PET Film, APET Film and PETG film.If you have any need on them,feel free to contact us.

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