Anti Static PET Film

  The Anti Static PET Film is a clear biaxially oriented polyester film with one side modified to provide excellent antistatic properties. It also provides improved slip and better handling characteristics.

  Anti-static PET films are gaining in importance – they are used to reduce soiling due to electrostatic charge or to reduce static discharge in explosion-protected production or to prevent undesired electrostatic effects in their final application.


  Our newly developed anti-static coating is available on PET films of various thicknesses and colours.

  •   Thickness: 23 – 125 µm (up to 250 µm on request)
  •   Colours: transparent and white, coloured PET on request
  •   Coating possibilities: single and double sided
  •   Silicone: from easy to tight release

  PET film with anti-static coating ,we called Antistatic Static PET film,OR ESD PET film. One or double side primer coating, great antistatic function and difficult to decay, excellent flatness, good thermal endurance, nice surface quality

Anti Static PET Film used for

  • for antistatic protective film ,
  • antistatic paste protective sticky film(antistatic, dust proof)
  • Bs suitable for PCB manufacturing
  • Assembly lines for PCB testing and this film will be also

Typical Anti static pet film thickness:50mic,75micron

The TDS for Anti Static PET Film,Anti Static polyester Film

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