Heat Sealable Pet Film

Heat Sealable Pet Film

Pet film One side heat sealable and other side with/without corona treated.Clear pet film,transparent heat sealable pet film. We produce high quality heat sealable pet film,heat sealable polyester film,heat sealing pet film.pet film heat sealable.


  Heat sealable pet film grade product is a Bi-axially oriented transparent polyester film (co-extruded layer with special copolymer) with one side of surface being heat sealable. We have single-side heat sealable pet film and double side heat sealing pet film.


  •   Heat Sealable PET Film is widely used in sealing seal pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, oil, chemicals, food container industry, because of its appearance, printable , a strong barrier, etc., our Heat Sealable PET Film can be moisture-proof, leak-proof, anti-counterfeiting, to improve product quality and extending shelf life
  •   Good heat sealing performance and strength, the sealing temperature is lower
  •   Excellent mechanical properties
  •   Excellent printing and metallization
  •   Excellent dimensional stability and temperature resistance


  • Our Heat sealable pet film can be used for food contact packaging,heat sealable pet film /peelable lidding films for APET/CPET trays
  • protective surfaces on glass fiber reinforced sheets
  • Heat Sealable Pet Film for FRP Panel
  • Heat Sealable Pet Film for Fiberglass Roof Panel,
  • Fiberglass Roof Panel sheet
  • Heat Sealable Pet Film for lidding film
  • Heat sealable pet film for mosquitoes repellent coil packing

  We also have Anti UV heat sealable pet film,UV resistance Heat sealable pet film which is suitable for outdoor FRP Panel applications


  • 1) Thickness: 15 micron, 20 mic 23 micron,25 micron heat sealable pet film
  • 2) Width: 500-2200mm
  • 3) Length: Max. 12000/24000M
  • 4) Standard export pallet packing
  • 5)Paper core: 3inch or 6 inch

 To downloard the TDS of the heat sealable pet film

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