Food packing Barrier films

Food packing Barrier films Barrier film is an integral part of food packaging solutions, especially in thin plastic-based products. Do you know how many main kinds of Food packing Barrier films?Here,let’s talk about it! First,Because the overall success of food packaging depends on the efficacy of barrier films, it’s critical to select the right type of … Read more

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High Barrier Packaging Film Applications

High Barrier Packaging Film Applications Dehui High-barrier packaging film is the premium choice packaging material for preserving product quality and freshness. At Dehui, we utilize high-barrier packaging to keep moisture, air and other elements sealed off from the contents inside your flexible pouch or bag. Barrier Packaging Film Applications Field 1. Barrier Films for Food … Read more

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What is High Barrier Film?

What is High Barrier Film High barrier film definition: The high barrier film is a film having a multi-layer structure in which a material having a high gas barrier property is extruded simultaneously with a polyolefin having a high heat-seamability and a high moisture barrier property.In another word,it is a flexible film that prevent water, … Read more

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