Chemical Treated Polyester Film

Chemical Treated Polyester Film

Polyester Film with one side or 2 sides chemical coating,we called chemically treated pet film. OR primer coated pet film. Chemically treated Pet film is a bi axially oriented polyester film which is chemically pre-treated on one side to give improved ink/metal adhesion.



1) Thickness: 12 micron, 23 micron,25 micron,36 micron
2) Width: 500-2200 mm
3) Length: Max. 12000/24000M/36000M
4) Standard export pallet packing
 5) Applications: Printing, Laminated films with particularly high bond strength requirements,Silicon coated pet films

Typical Applications:

  Chemically treated pet film,chemically treated polyester film can be used for various printing and lamination,metallizing applications.  

  Chemically treated polyester film for printing

  Chemically treated pet film for metallizing

  chemically treated pet film for printing

  chemically treated pet film for lamination

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