White opaque polyester film

We are the professional manufacturer and exporter of white opaque polyester film,white opaque pet film,thickness available 25micron white opaque polyester film, 50mic white opaque polyester film,188 mic white opaque polyester film

Our white PET Film for printing,white pet film for lamination.

White pet film grade has high whiteness and low transparency. Due to its mechanical and dimensional stability, white pet film is suitale for varied printing applications especially in label and graphics industry.

our white pet film is suitable for offset printing, flexographic printing or gravure printing.

with one side corona treatment,the surface with good ink adhesion ,have good printing performance.

white opaque polyester film for printing,

white opaque polyester film for lamination

white opaque polyester film for Label face stock

white opaque polyester film

Application: It is made of special PET master batch and widely applied in label, tape, steel lamination

Main Property:

White and opaque, Even thickness

Good dimensional stability, Excellent processing ability

Surface treatment: One side corona (Or None corona)

Thickness: 25– 50 micron,188micoron

25mic white opaque polyester film ,50mic white opaque polyester film

Standard packing: suspension pallet

Paper core: 3inch or 6 inch

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