What is Thermoforming


What is Thermoforming?

  Thermoforming,we can see the meaning from the word,Forming via heating process. Thermoforming describes the process of heating a thermoplastic sheet to its softening point, stretching it over or into a single-sided mold, and holding it in place while it cools and solidifies into the desired shape.

  Now many food containers, blister pack, automobile components, home electric appliances and industrial trays in our daily life are made by thermoforming process.


  Apet film or other plastic films get soften after heating, and the cooled plastics become hard. Thermoforming uses these plastic’s features.

  Tightly cover: softened plastic sheet onto mold.

   The thermoplastic sheet is clamped into a holding device and heated by an oven using either convection or radiant heat until it is softened. The sheet is then held horizontally over a mold and pressed into or stretched over the mold using vacuum pressure, air pressure, or mechanical force. The softened sheet conforms to the shape of the mold and is held in place until it cools. The excess material is then trimmed away and the formed part is released. Excess material can be reground, mixed with unused plastic, and reformed into thermoplastic sheets.

  Thermoforming is commonly used for food packaging, but has many applications from plastic toys to aircraft windscreens to cafeteria trays. Thin-gauge (less than 0.060 inches) sheets are mostly used for rigid or disposable packaging, while thick-gauge (greater than 0.120 inches) sheets are typically used for cosmetic permanent surfaces on automobiles, shower enclosures, and electronic equipment. A variety of thermoplastic materials can be used in this process, including the following:

  While Apet film is one of the most popular material for the thermoforming. As Apet film is Environment friendly material.and good performance in thermoforming.

  • Normally the thermoforming process like below.
  • Heat APET film or other plastic film
  • Vacuum the air in the mold in order to evacuate the air
  • The plastic sheet is formed according to the mold’s shape

  At the same time, by blowing compressed air into the mold the plastic sheets transform shapely.We have 100% Virgin Resin Apet film for the thermoforming.

  PET Film (Polyethylene Terephthalate)/Apet sheet.