Polyester Film for Electrical Insulation

Polyester Film for Electrical Insulation is a thin film that can ensure good electrical insulation.

This film should have high resistivity (above 10Ω·cm) and breakdown field strength. In order to be used for high-frequency insulation, the material is also required to have a low dielectric loss

Polyester film 6020 & 6021 is a biaxial oriented polythylene terephthalate(PET) film through melting, casting and stretching.

6020-Polyester Film For Electrical Insulation is a transparent PET film

6021-Polyester Film For Electrical Insulation is a milky white PET film.

They are flat, low shrinkage, excellent insulation properties, UL approved

It is Class E insulating material.

This product has good dielectric and high mechanical properties.

Thermal class: E(120ºC) 

This product has good dielectric and high mechanical properties. It is widely used for electrical insulation. Such as slot insulation, liner insulation in electric motors, and producing insulating flexible laminates.

6020 Transparent PET Electrical Insulating Polyester Film and 6021 Milky White mylar polyester film

  • • Excellent electrical insulation.
  • • Thermal stability at elevated temperatures
  • •Insulate class: E

Polyester Film for Electrical Insulation Technical parameter

PropertiesUnit     NO.1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8#Test method 
Tensile StrengthMDMpa200200182185175170172180GB12802.2 
Elongation at breakMD%115125115120150130150148GB12802.2 
Breakdown voltageV/μm22018816514512612310492GB12802.2 
Volume resistivityΩ.m1.0×10141.0×10141.0×10141.0×10141.0×10141.0×10141.0×10141.0×1014GB12802.2 
Ralative dielectric constant(48Hz-62Hz) 
Dielectric loss tangent(48Hz-62Hz) 2.8×10-32.8×10-32.8×10-32.8×10-32.8×10-32.8×10-32.8×10-32.8×10-3GB12802.2 
Light Transmittance%6660523935312926GB2410 
Flame retardancy VTM-2VTM-2VTM-2VTM-2VTM-2VTM-2VTM-2VTM-2ANSI/UL94


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