What is Motor Film?

The motor film is also called 6023PET polyester film. The color is translucent, milky white. Motor insulation film, inter-turn insulation, and insulation substrates between dry-type transformer coils are all motor films.

The thickness of Transparent and milky white PET motor film

0.125mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.25mm, 0.35mm, various thicknesses, can be produced according to customer requirements.

PET Motor film application

The motor film is mainly used for the insulation of motors and generators. It is also be used for the insulation of wires and cables.

It is used for supporting insulation, buffering, electronics, electrical appliances, motors, transformers, battery power pads, and insulating sheets for electrical and electronic products. For insulation. Can be flushed, high-temperature resistance, with slight fire resistance.

PET motor film Features

  • Excellent mechanical properties. Good electrical insulation properties.
  • Good heat resistance. It has a matting effect.
  • 3.Excellent processability.

PET motor film 3 main functions

There are many types of motor film, which have been widely used in various industries. It has three main functions.

1) The role of PET motor film on plastic products and electronic products.

There are many types of electronic products. The electronic industry also has high requirements for protective films. Many electronic products need heat insulation film and light-transmitting film. Because of its high stability and resistance to chemical corrosion, polyester films can achieve good results. Therefore, it is favored by the electronics industry. There will be more electronic products will be added with this kind of film.

2) PET motor film is used as a protective film for the card.

Many cards need protection. Moreover, the card itself is easily broken and easily deformed by heat. Therefore, the PET motor film can prevent oil and pollution very well. And its uniformity is very good. The tensile strength is also very high. The stability after heating is also very high. The comprehensive value and performance are excellent. The packaging is more beautiful and the surface is smooth. All many card producers choose to use it as a protective film.

3) PET motor film is used as an insulating film for electricians.

Electrical appliances need good insulation. Otherwise, if you encounter a high voltage situation, it will cause great danger to people. So, the insulating film made by adding PET motor film has a good effect. The use-value is high. Can be very effective in resisting breakdown ability.

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