Polyester film is mostly transparent while for thicker films very often a milky film is used for optical reasons. Polyester films have a very good mechanical strength and are resistant against the most oils, grease and solvents used in the transformer- and motor-industry. Under normal circumstances polyester film has a very long life cycle and could be used within a temperature range of – 60°C and + 180°C.

Polyester Film Insulation

  Our insulation film is a polyester film with excellent insulation, mechanical, chemical and thermal features. These films offer great processibility and come in different thicknesses. It is widely used for electrical insulation in the following applications:

  •   Cable Insulation
  •   General Insulation
  •   Compressor Insulation – HVAC Units, Refrigerators,
  •   Motor Insulation


  •   1) Thickness: 12μ-350μ
  •   2) Width: 500-2000mm
  •   3) Length: Max. 12000/24000M/36000M
  •   4) Standard export pallet packing
  •   5) Applications:electrical insulation

The technical data as below

  Pet film for electrical insulation thickness

  Pet film for electrical insulation tensile strength

  Pet film for electrical insulation modulus of elasticity

  Pet film for electrical insulation coefficient of friction

  Pet film for electrical insulation surface wetting tension

  Pet film for electrical insulation heat shrinkage

Polyester Film Electrical Tape, Polyester Film Insulation Tape


  For example,The well known 3M™ 56 Polyester Film Electrical Tape is a yellow, general purpose polyester tape with thermosetting rubber adhesive and 0.025 mm film. Total Thickness is 0.06 mm,Operating Temperature is 130 degrees C

Release Coated Polyester Film, Silicone Coated PET Film

  This polyester film is stringently tested on number of predefined quality parameters in adherence to the industry standards. The offered film is highly demanded for the good printability and high tensile strength. Available in variety of lengths and widths, this film can be availed from us at market leading prices.


  Film is silicone coated on both sides, making an ideal release film for hot tables and our Hot Vacuum Glass Press. It allows work to be viewed during the mounting process for greater accuracy. Furthermore, silicone coated film will last longer than release papers. Available in 23 and 50 Micron.

  Another film is one-side treated to accept flexographic print or adhesive coating while the other side features a platinum based silicone release coating for a smooth, quiet unwind. Polyester films are more durable, have a long shelf life and provide excellent resistance to oils, grease and acid. Additionally, product offers high clarity and dimensional stability.


  •   Polyester film label
  •   Hygiene
  •   Tape
  •   Medical
  •   Hologram
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