Translucent Mylar Sheet

  First,many people want to know what is Mylar/Mylar Film.Here is brief concept for it.

1. What is Mylar / What is Mylar film?

  Mylar® is Dupont / Taijjin’s branded for polyester / plastic film, manufactured in a variety of different combinations of types, finishes, and thicknesses.


There is white mylar plastic sheet and milky white mylar plastic sheets can be provided.

3. Types of Mylar

  • Types of Mylar Sheets:Anti-static,Adhesion treated,Metallized,Barrier coated
  • Finishes of Mylar Sheets:,Clear,White,Low, Moderate to High Haze Black
  • Mylar sheet thickness: from .0005″ to .014″ or from 12 um to 350 um
black mylar
black mylar

4. One popular mylar product is Transparent Mylar Sheets for Craft Cutters.

12 x 24 inch sheets – 20 sheet pack

mylar sheet
mylar sheet

5- Two commandeered Translucent Mylar Sheet product

1—4-mil blank mylar material

  From interior decorating to logos and crests, to face painting, to small industrial projects.It’s as easy as drawing your design on, cutting, and painting on any surface you like! It is flexible plastic sheet.This mylar is a glossy material specifically engineered for easy cutting with craft cutting machines and plotters.


2—2 x 24 mylar sheets, in a pack of 20 sheets.

  You can cut a smaller, more intricate design, or scale it up for a larger image or pattern by taping your sheets together to cover more surface area. Great for arts and crafts, custom lettering, signs, designs, and more.

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