Flexible Packaging Solutions Thermoforming Film For Pork Packaging


Flexible Packaging Solutions Thermoforming Film For Pork Packaging

Also known as: forming film; barrier film packaging


Dehui Film thermoforming films has good formability, and a wide range of thickness suitable for many drawing depths.


·Highly suitable for all other types of automatic thermoforming machines

·Excellent forming ability improving presentation and efficiencies

·Keep the product fresh and free of preservatives

·High gloss and optics, pre and post shrink

·High puncture resistance and easy to take air

·Good properties on gas barrier, moisture proof

·Longer shelf life, storage time

  Application of Thermoforming Film

Common in use for refrigerating food items like red meat, cheese, chicken etc.

Fresh pork products taste delicious,nutritious,and international market demand and thus higher prices.

It’s important to find a fit packaging to keep and extends the shelf life

Our forming film and no-forming film is the first choice for pork

Forming film is mainly to prevent blooms of harmful microbes, prolong the shelf life of food products. Because the vacuum packing and sealing temperature is high enough, most of the harmful micro-organisms need water and oxygen, vacuum packaging can be isolated, the microbes in food cannot multiply, so as to prolong the shelf life of food products

Also,flexibly and quickly pack,low cost,easy carriage,are becoming more and more popular.

Application of Thermoforming Film
Application of Thermoforming Film


1.What is thermoforming films? And how they are useful?

Hot through pressure or vacuum forming technology to film or sheet into the mold design process. Packaging industry has obtained through thermoforming film packaging technology results, which manufactured containers, buckets and other food packaging options such as barrier films. They are packing the food and medical industries consumer products and ideal for consumer goods. Dairy, meat and seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables and other food, dry food and chocolate can be filled with different layers of flexible barrier films for co-extrusion machines. In addition, it can effectively achieve based on the concept of PA/EVOH 7,5,3 thermoforming film, for a variety of industrial packaging. For soft and hard food and non-food, this is a good choice.

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