Polyester film sheet applications


What is Polyester film used for?

Polyester film is one of the widest used film in plastic film industry.Here is some main applications for you.

Industrial Applications

  • Polyester film coating Adhesive tapes( polyester film adhesive tape) It can be clear or color or foil.
  • Thick polyester film coating,normally 125 mic, 200 micron,to make solar-control heater.
  • To make hot stamping, release liner films
  • Flexible PET Film book covers
  • signs of polyester film ban
  • Industrial polyester laminating film,Laminated with other films and paper
  • Metalized polyester film (Metallized pet film) As a decorative metalization film
  • polyester plastic sheets for embossing, kites, Formica molding

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Electronics Films

  • polyester film electrical Insulation layers in membrane switches
  • dielectric film motor windings (low oligomer) electrical insulation for wire and cable.Take 188 mic PET film as example
  • Fiber lamination,Mainly used for roof laminated
  • Polyester film laminated coil winding

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Graphics and Imaging

  • PET Sheet X-ray film, photo tools,
  • microfilm/microfiche, printer ribbons, Ink jet products,
  • overhead projection films
  • membrane switches/spacers, holograms, print-on plastics,
  • polyester film label ,such as laser printer labels, bar code labels,
  • computer graphics, label/decal

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Flexible Packaging Application

This is the widest application for bopet film

  • Polyester film flexible packaging Anti-fog packages,
  • Polyester film laminated food packaging , lidding films
  • pet plastic sheets or film pharmaceutical packaging, medical packaging, cosmetic packaging,
  • Antistatic PET film for electric indistry

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