PLA Film

Dehui Film, a manufacturer and supplier of oriented plastic film, is proud to introduce their newest product—PLA film. PLA film utilizes.Unlike petrochemical based resins, this unique film is 100% compostable since it is made from the annually renewable resource, corn.

PLA film
PLA film

Polylactic acid (PLA) is the most important biodegradable and biobased thermoplastic. Most commercial high-purity grades are semicrystalline, have high transmittance (> 90 %), and high yield and tensile strength (about twice of HDPE).

The typical properties of PLA film are just as good and often better than comparable plastic films. Plastic Suppliers offers clear, matte and white versions of PLA film, all boasting exceptional characteristics. Current uses for PLA film include pressure-sensitive labels, flexible packaging, shrink sleeves and wrap-around label applications.

Without compromising quality and function, people can now feel more confident about choosing packaging that is both FDA compliant and environmentally friendly.

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